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Top mods at Mount & Blade Warband Nexus

In 2012, the Turkish game developer TaleWorld created a masterpiece called mount and blade warband mods: Warband which grabbed lots of attention from gamers across the world. This is a single player game that delivers a huge open world to the gamers with a variety of options, but this is not what kept this outdated game alive for 8 years. WarBand is the outdated game and the game should have died 8 years ago. It has graphics that are 15 years old and the sound score of the game is also shabby. But, there is one important thing which kept the game alive for 8 years and it is the huge modding community. After the launch of the game, the developers have welcomed the modding community and hence the game was open for different types of modifications and this gave away to thousands of WarBand MODS. Below you will come across with some amazing Mods of the game which can help you make changes in the game.

Mount and Blade

Last Days of the 3rd Age

This is one of the best total conversion WarBand Mods which was designed for the original game and helps the player to run on the game. The mods allow the players to play the event in the Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings novels and you will find all the factions of Middle Earth along with other fun activities to enjoy in the game. You will find many bonuses and penalties and other gears along with items reflecting the Middle Earth. If you love Lord of Rings, then this is the MOD that is worth investing in.

Decapitate and Dismember

WarBand is the game comprises the easy to play, yet difficult to master combat system. It has some directional blocks and attacks which make the game a bit difficult to play. Besides all these landings the ultimate slice to the enemy’s neck gives you a satisfying feeling, but it could be better and this is with Decapitate and Dismember WarBand Mods. This lets you decapitate and dismember all your enemies in the game and watch their heads and limbs flying all around.

Bear Force 2

If you are not having the original Mount & Blade and can’t play the brilliant Star Wars Mods, then Bear Force 2 is the best Star Wars total conversion mod for WarBand. This is the multiplayer tactical shooter game that takes place in the Star Wars Universe. The WarBand Mods have the 6 factions with each having multiple classes as well as different shooting and force system.

Full Invasion 2

If you are feeling lonely in the world of WarBand, then Full Invasion 2 can help you spice up things with its co-op survival formula. You can easily team up with other gamers and battle countless wars to become the boss of the community. You will come across with multiple classes, maps, enemy types and bosses in WarBand Mods. These were some of the WarBand Mods which are worth trying if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest.