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Top Best Alternatives of KingRoot | Rooting Your Android Device

There are many similar and alternatives apps to Kingroot; this rooting app is just great with high-quality but if you still not satisfy using it, then you can look for its alternatives apps which are good enough to gain root access on Android device for greater permissions of the device.

Below are some of the alternatives apps for Kingroot

Kingroot App will help you root your device solving all kind of problems that you are facing. It comes with some of the appealing features as uninstalling bloatware, maximizing the performance, etc. it has got many alternatives which are really helpful in rooting your device. Read below to know about the alternatives app of kingroot.

Kingroot alternatives


iRoot is the best alternatives to kingroot; it has got wide range support, supporting almost every Android version including Gingerbread, Icecream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean, etc. Rooting your device with this app just simple, where you don’t even require to be connected to your PC/laptop. So if you are facing any kind of trouble or unsatisfied using Kingroot, then I will recommend you to use iRoot for rooting your device.

Towelroot app

Towelroot is another best alternatives app to kingroot and is the best rooting app to get rid of restriction. This rooting app can be installed on your Android device in just a single press. Downloading Towelroot will not require your Android phone to be connected to your PC or Computer, as the app has the ability to be downloaded on your device by itself.


Framaroot is also a good alternative to Kingroot; it is a free app and helps you to root your Android device without the need of PC/laptop. This alternative app is not available on playstore, whereas it can be downloaded from the link according to the version which you prefer to use.

KingoApp Root App

KingoApp Root App is the next alternative that you can prefer for. This app for rooting for your Android device will help you to root access easily without using PC/laptop and any another device. It is powerful and supports with different Android version and is totally free from malware viruses.

Many of the users might be facing problem to gain root access to their devices, but any of these Kingroot alternatives they can easily gain root access without even connecting to PC/laptop or any others devices. They are of high quality and supports with almost all the Android version as well safe for use.