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Top mods at Mount & Blade Warband Nexus

In 2012, the Turkish game developer TaleWorld created a masterpiece called mount and blade warband mods: Warband which grabbed lots of attention from gamers across the world. This is a single player game that delivers a huge open world to the gamers with a variety of options, but this is not what kept this outdated game alive for 8 years. WarBand is the outdated game and the game should have died 8 years ago. It has graphics that are 15 years old and the sound score of the game is also shabby. But, there is one important thing which kept the game alive for 8 years and it is the huge modding community. After the launch of the game, the developers have welcomed the modding community and hence the game was open for different types of modifications and this gave away to thousands of WarBand MODS. Below you will come across with some amazing Mods of the game which can help you make changes in the game.

Mount and Blade

Last Days of the 3rd Age

This is one of the best total conversion WarBand Mods which was designed for the original game and helps the player to run on the game. The mods allow the players to play the event in the Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings novels and you will find all the factions of Middle Earth along with other fun activities to enjoy in the game. You will find many bonuses and penalties and other gears along with items reflecting the Middle Earth. If you love Lord of Rings, then this is the MOD that is worth investing in.

Decapitate and Dismember

WarBand is the game comprises the easy to play, yet difficult to master combat system. It has some directional blocks and attacks which make the game a bit difficult to play. Besides all these landings the ultimate slice to the enemy’s neck gives you a satisfying feeling, but it could be better and this is with Decapitate and Dismember WarBand Mods. This lets you decapitate and dismember all your enemies in the game and watch their heads and limbs flying all around.

Bear Force 2

If you are not having the original Mount & Blade and can’t play the brilliant Star Wars Mods, then Bear Force 2 is the best Star Wars total conversion mod for WarBand. This is the multiplayer tactical shooter game that takes place in the Star Wars Universe. The WarBand Mods have the 6 factions with each having multiple classes as well as different shooting and force system.

How to Play Basketball Legends Unblocked game in iPhone

Basketball legends is one of the top game that can be played in 2019. In this game a match starts between the player and the pc. The one who throws the maximum number of balls into the basket will be the winner. So the players need to concentrate to throw the ball in the basket in a time limit. In this game when a match starts there will be a time limit for each and every match like say for 3 min or for 5 min. So we need to throw the balls in this time limit. Many of the users wants this basketball legends unblocked games on their mobile. So for them we are providing this article on how to play the basketball legends in iPhone.

How to Play Basketball Legends Unblocked in iPhone

If you more familiar with the iPhone then you will simple understand this process if not see our steps completely and know about it.

Method 1:

  • First go to the official website and see for the SWF file.
  • Now click on the file and save it on your pc.
  • Connect your mobile to pc and dump the file in your iPhone.
  • Now install any of the SWF file app.
  • Launch this swf file to app and click on install button.
  • Now the file will be installed.
  • Thats it go to the home screen you will see the basketball legends unblocked icon.
  • Simply click on the icon and your game will start.

Method 2:

  • Go to the app store in your iPhone.
  • Search for the basketball legends unblocked game.
  • Click on the game
  • You will see the download button.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Thats it your game will start now.

Stream And Watch Top 10 Movies Online | Sling TV

It is none other but your smartphone who actually is your partner everywhere you go. You watch videos on SlingTV, get the latest one for free and pay only for the internet subscription. Taking selfies is a rage in this digital world and none is untouched by the silliness of doing it. It has kept the whole generation busy on smartphone either way. Whether it is your personal life or a professional one, both are engaged online. Sling TV Trial offers over 100 premium TV channels, stream them live from multiple devices with a 7 day free trial including sports. Sling's TV on demand library features 70000+ titles ready to watch anytime. Stream hit shows, blockbuster movies and top Pay-Per-View events on demand.

There is no way you can escape from it until you are on Mars. This is not an article to make you hate smartphones or the other way. However, managing it and overall maintenance is one thing that most of the people lack or does not even heed any attention to it. where i can download SlingTV app You pay for a device and think this is a one-time investment. It would not need much money but some of the knowledge of arranging the data and maintain the operating system. For example, like in PC, we do run clean PC often to delete history, cache, and everything, the same way we have to do in smartphones as well. The trend now a days is to get a new phone every second year and until that time gadget goes smooth obviously.


The other way to Download SlingTV

Breakthrough those typical stereotypes and learn to manage and maintain the system. There are developers from around the world creating some good application for users to have a delightful journey with one phone. For instance, app were rabbit is one app for managing APK files and is able to powerfully backup, import,and export APK files. Another one is pocket casts which are used to download podcasts including video ones as well.

Videoder For PC and Mac Download 2017 Latest Version

Web applications have been quite useful and therefore, have been playing the greater role in the daily activity of the people and thus, here we are with the popular known application which has been effectively proved to be quite useful web application for the people. The following application is named as Videoder which has gained a huge success in the android app industry and therefore, the reason behind the huge success of the Videoder is the friendly user interface of the application which means the Videoder is extremely easy and simple to be operated by people. Here we are with the discussion about the videoder for pc which is available on the web store with best of its surfing features.

Features of Videoder app for PC

It has been a familiar known fact that the videoder for pc has been rated as the top best application and therefore, here we are with few of its benefits that best describes it.

The Best Condenser Mics Under $100 - XLR and USB

Best Condenser Mic

Microphones are of great importance for those who run studios.  They are the primary necessity to start up a studio.  If you are planning to purchase a microphone and want to which one is the best that satisfy your need perfectly then you should give this article a read.  In order to buy a microphone, first the user needs to know the specs that it offers and whether they satisfy your requirement.   Depending on the requirement, user needs to buy the best condenser Mic.  The purpose plays a key role in choosing the Mic here.  If your purpose is recording, then you have to go with condenser microphone.

There are numerous condenser microphones in the market right now and if you have to choose the best one with picture perfect features, then you need to find out all top and highly rated condenser microphones first.  We are here to present you the best condenser microphones.  Read on to find out best condenser microphone of your liking.

Audio Technica AT2020

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a superb quality cardioid condenser microphone that satisfies all the requirements of a good vocal.  It is priced low, but it offers clean, crisp and mature sound for both vocals and instruments.  It delivers a well-balanced sound.

How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk On Android Device And Get The Most Of It

Nowadays more people are using Android and iOS platforms on mobile devices. These operating systems come with an application and game downloading store. Since these stores are genuine, hence they keep only licensed and ad serviced products. Many times we need to use such applications which are devoid of licenses. In such cases, download lucky patcher Apk is an application which comes handy.

What is Lucky Patcher Apk:

Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version Download, which comes with multiple revolutionary functions. It can add or remove license permits, mod a particular application or game and shift any app's location from the device storage to the external storage or vice versa. It aims at removing unnecessary threads from apps to provide a smooth running experience.

Lucky Patcher Apk download

Why Lucky Patcher is Used:

Mostly Android users use lucky patcher on their devices as play store often asks for license permits and certificates. To install certain useful apps or software, this definite app is highly necessary. The functions of lucky patcher have been given below:

Top Best Alternatives of KingRoot | Rooting Your Android Device

There are many similar and alternatives apps to Kingroot; this rooting app is just great with high-quality but if you still not satisfy using it, then you can look for its alternatives apps which are good enough to gain root access on Android device for greater permissions of the device.

Below are some of the alternatives apps for Kingroot

Kingroot App will help you root your device solving all kind of problems that you are facing. It comes with some of the appealing features as uninstalling bloatware, maximizing the performance, etc. it has got many alternatives which are really helpful in rooting your device. Read below to know about the alternatives app of kingroot.

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Tinder For PC | Download For Windows 7, 8/8.1 & 10 [LATEST VERSION]

Tinder is an application which is adored by a large number of individuals from everywhere throughout the world. The application seems as though it is a diversion for little children however it is in no way like that, rather download Tinder application which is a dating application and enables individuals to discover a date. With the assistance of dating applications like tinder, many individuals can discover dates for them. Individuals expound on themselves and post a photo of them on Tinder in type of a profile.

On the off chance that anybody is intrigued to discover a date with the assistance of Tinder then they can basically Tinder Download for PC dating application. In the wake of downloading the application they can peruse the Tinder profiles of different clients and on the off chance that they don't care for anybody then they would simple be able to swipe left and on the off chance that they are intrigued to converse with them and date with them then they can essentially swipe right. The application is allowed to utilize and is picking up prominence like an out of control fire.

Tinder for PC Download

Tinder for PC But utilizing this Tinder dating application on telephone isn't generally a smart thought. At times because of little screens individuals are frequently mistaken for the photographs as should be obvious them legitimately. Not just this, occasionally individuals are having their cell phones in their pockets and their telephone unintentionally begins swiping left or appropriate on tinder.

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Wait a minute.. Did HP just declare Windows irrelevant?

Is the biggest PC vendor in the world looking to give customers an option besides Windows? An article appearing in BusinessWeek this week cites anonymous sources who say Hewlett-Packard is at least looking into it. Sources say employees in HPs PC division are exploring the possibility of building a mass-market operating system, the article states.

HP Touchsmart Windows:HP Touchsmart is an example of the company’s efforts to provide a user experience on top of Windows.(Credit: Hewlett-Packard. The operating system would reportedly be Linux-based, but would be tweaked to be more accessible to mainstream users. Those same sources say its part of an HP plan to become less dependent on Windows, and to compete better with Apple for the same type of person who would consider a Mac, which has its own operating system on its computers touted as more user-friendly than Vista.

I’m still a bit in shock that I’ve even read that. Though to be honest, the first time I used one of their new Touchsmart PCs, I was surprised by the AMOUNT of work they did to obscure the fact that it was running Vista. Now granted, they had to develop an environment that was touch-friendly, but needless to say I was impressed with what they accomplished.

But it all leads back to both a creative and sales team that I think are starting to feel stifled by the fact that they are more or less forced to offer Vista with their machines. The creative teams want to move into new and innovative user interfaces like touch, and the sales teams are tired of the fact that customers have the impression that VIsta is a piece of crap.

I’ll be honest, Vista isn’t terrible. It’s just horribly mediocre. People don’t see the point in upgrading hardware and causing problems with compatibility and speed to get the minimal jump in capabilities that Vista offers. After years of promises and then more years of those promised features being taken away, finally leaving the production version of Vista looking like a Lamb with all of its wool shaven off, the customers just didn’t really care.

And that is the fact of the matter. Customer’sdon’t CARE about Vista. Even Microsoft fan boys are hard pressed to be really excited about it. Even the customer base that has always been pro-Windows, the hardcore gamers, is about Vista because it lowers the speed of their games. In a world where you have to spend thousands on a capable gaming machine, no one wants to see their frames per second count go down when they install a new OS.

HP needs window to survive

In a world where netbooks running Linux (certainly not Vista), and Mac laptops are slowly but surely taking over the notebook market, HP is starting to question if it really NEEDS Windows to survive. With the push towards cloud computing, and platform agnostic applications, it begins to make the OS less and less important. HP has got to be thinking that they could invest and really innovate in the Linux space, create a fantastic and beautiful OS based off of decades of optimized code, and at least offer it as a Windows alternative. At best, they could start competing with the one rival that is WORTH competing with Apple

Ten years ago, if one of the major PC manufacturers would have taken its eye off of its rivals to go after Apple, they would have become the laughing stock of the industry. Ten years later, however, in a market that has become so commoditized that only the company with the biggest economy of scale can win, Apple has differentiated itself by thinking different. They develop drool-worthy hardware, and an elegant OS to go along with it.

They aren’t subject to the same pricing restrictions as companies like Dell and HP, because they aren’t competing in the same market. While Apple may only have 10% of the market, the 10% they have includes a lot of affluent, well-connected, tech-savvy people. If HP can grab onto a little bit of that Apple magic, it could be enough to push past Dell and the other major manufacturers and start to differentiate themselves as well.

I’ll admit HP does have the design chops, and from what I’ve seen of the Touchsmart PCs, they have the software chops as well. If indeed they are going to eventually dump Windows in favor of some sort of home grown OS, Id be very interested to see what they come up with. Chances are it would be pretty damned nice, and it would certainly be a boon for Linux. With a large manufacturer like HP focusing on Linux,

I think you’d start to see a lot more development on the software side for Linux, with better driver support, and possibly even some mainstream gaming making its way over to the Linux side. Regardless of whether or not this ever materializes, just the fact that HP may even be CONSIDERING something other than Windows, even unofficially, proves without a shadow of a doubt that while Apple may not be currently winning the war of marketshare, they certainly are winning the war of mindshare.

A.I. researchers struggle with human toll of automation

No-pilot cargo flights and intelligent runways may seem better suited for science fiction than Memphis International Airport, but these ideas are on the horizon for researchers at the FedEx Institute of Technology.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a reality as adaptive technologies revolutionize the way businesses operate. Industries ranging from transportation and distribution to healthcare and education are all target markets for adaptive technologies.

As the limitless advantages and huge impact of artificial intelligence on the business world are slowly gaining acceptance, ethical questions arise concerning the impact such technologies could have on the labor market.

According to the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, A.I., is "the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines."

At present, the impact of automated technologies in terms of replacing human labor is evident in commonplace fixtures such as automated fuel stations and computerized grocery checkout lines. Eric Mathews, the director of business development for the FedEx Institute of Technology and co-director of the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis, says such technology enables "performance enhancement" in terms of the work that laborers can accomplish.

Artificial intelligence at FEDEX

Marcy Sanford, manager of marketing and communications at the FedEx Institute of Technology, is supportive of the position that adaptive technologies will improve the labor market and help retool the workforce. "A lot of the A.I. mechanisms here are technologies in areas where people may not want to complete repetitive tasks," Sanford says. "The Advanced Distributed Learning Collaboration Lab (ADL-CO Lab) here is working to standardize training for corporations so that they can train employees anywhere in the world in the same method."

Eric Mathews says that the research in different areas at the Institute moves into an extensive testing and trial period before new technologies become available in the marketplace."Our research here is a scale-up process," Mathews says. "We're taking scale projects and moving them up to projects that are marketable to the business world." The first of such projects to be marketed to a specific industry was Bob Sweeney's Appendicitis Diagnostic Assistant.

Memphis-based software firm Challenger Corp., where Sweeney now serves as CEO, develops and markets the software to physicians in order to increase the accuracy of diagnosing appendicitis. The software uses hundreds of real patient histories to help physicians analyze and assess lower stomach situations. Artificial intelligence is driving much of the research at the FedEx Institute, but the acceptance and implementation of many new technologies is a slow process.

"There's a chasm between the work that has been completed mere and getting these systems into the market," Mathews says. "There's a technology backlog." Graesser says that tutoring systems and other natural language discourse technologies will be revolutionary for the business world. "I'm confident that through the FedEx Institute of Technology and the Institute for Intelligent Systems, these technologies will become an integral part of Memphis businesses," he says.